Teleport Services

TeleAntenna maintains a ground Teleport in Toronto and  is designed to support occasional satellite transmissions to North , South America and also to Atlantic Ocean Region satellites for Europe.

The Teleport is design to Uplink and Downlink all types of Digital signals, and also provide Turn Arounds, Frame Rate Conversion, recording, monitoring and IP Streaming.

Fiber connection:

Our Teleport is connected Bi-directional with Toronto BELL?s TOC (Hub) with HD /SD SDI and ASI loops allowing two way connectivity to all major Canadian and US fiber networks VYVX, ATT thereby providing access to all North American cities. This provides greater flexibility and affordability to receive and transmit Domestic or International satellites signal to and from Teleantenna Teleport site.

International Affiliations:

TeleAntenna Toronto through its affiliate Teleport in Athens Greece with 15 antenna dish farm can provide turn around services from European, Middle East, Indian Ocean satellites and Uplink to all Atlantic Ocean Ku satellites for North and South America.

*** Also DSNG and Fly Way services throughout Europe and Middle East

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